10 fascinating facts about woolly mammoths

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HendrikPoinar_2013X-embedSequencing an extinct genome is no longer a pipe dream, says evolutionary biologist and ancient DNA specialist Hendrik Poinar in today’s talk. It’s a modern reality, and we’re not too far from seeing a revived extinct species walking the Earth again — maybe even a woolly mammoth. In this talk from TEDxDeExtinction, Poinar talks about how he and fellow scientists are getting closer to completing a woolly mammoth genome, an intricate puzzle that consists of discovering, entangling and connecting over 5 billion base pairs.

[ted_talkteaser id=1751] So, why do we, humans, have such a fascination with woolly mammoths?

“Woollys are a quintessential image of the Ice Age … We seem to have a deep connection with them as we do with elephants,” says Poinar in this sci-fi worthy talk. “I have to admit there’s a part of the child in me that wants to see these majestic…

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Apply to be a 2014 TED Fellow

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TEDFellows2014applicationsA blue whale scientist. A mobile finance entrepreneur. A DIY neuroscientist. A comedian. A sound artist. This year’s class of TED Fellows brings together trailblazers in a wide variety of fields from locations all around the globe. The TED Fellows program is getting ready to choose its new class — so they’re looking for 20 unusual thinkers at work on fascinating ideas to join the program for TED2014 in Vancouver, Canada, March 17-21. TED Fellows not only attend the conference but take part in a slew of pre-conference workshops to amplify their work and careers, including training in public speaking, leading up to a short pre-conference TED Talk. (Like these.)

Applications for TED2014 Fellowships are open from now through June 21. Apply here »

So what’s it like to be a TED Fellow? As guitarist Usman Riaz says, “These are the most creative minds in the world.” Coral…

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