Unnecessary caution a curse!

In India most parents foster their children with unnecessarily exceeding caution, only to make them cowards. Children grow in a risk free environment which deprives them of the courage, skills and decision making capabilities.

For example, Though not intentionally, nature is very often portrayed as an enemy to human beings. A usual parent teaches his/her child to be cautious about snakes in this way :

“Ooooooh… there are snakes out there..” the way it is uttered itself fills the child with dread, resulting in the child picturing snakes as deadly beasts. In his entre life he/she will be afraid of snakes.

if its is spoken like: “Be careful not to step on snakes “..It is a positive method.

Parents have to be very cautious about the way they speak to their child. Even the slightest of negative influences can cause terrible blows to their child’s mental strength.


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